The Spice Girls

Ha, I tricked ya. This post has nothing to do with The Spice Girls. It has to do with one, singular spice girl - Posh! 

For those of you living under a rock, posh spice is also, Victoria Beckham, who is married to David Beckham. 

Her perfectly chiseled chin, pointed nose, and pouty mouth makes up her quintessential face of golden proportions! 

She is obviously also extremely intelligent (at least out of the spice squad) because once their one hit wonder "Wannabe" peaked their fame then decreased and hit rock bottom aka back to being irrelevant simpletons, she had a plan in mind. She'd go on to marry the most attractive and most lucrative English football player, create one of the most gorgeous families of our time, design a fashion line and stay very much relevant until the year 2018. Then she'd suggest a come-back tour to the girls, because she got bored and needed an extra hobby.

Victoria Beckham inspires me, because *ahem*, she has accomplished all I want out of life - the ability to do anything and look good doing it. 

Carly Messina