Two summers ago, I went to The City to visit my best friend and we took a weekend trip to Montauk. We went to The Surf Lodge and it was one of the most beautiful little hotels I have ever experienced. The buildings were not grandiose, as most hotels usually are, but the atmosphere was rich with interesting and spirited people. Oh, and calm people, which is highly unusual to locate in any corner of New York. 

We saw a live performance by my favorite electronic duo, Bob Moses. It was right on the water. As soon as the sun began to set, it felt like a scene right out of a movie. The ambiance of The Surf Lodge was truly one of a kind and I concluded that weekend feeling satiated. And v hungover. 

I love the town of Montauk and found the culture of the town to be extremely easy to submerge myself in. The feelings the atmosphere created in me made me leave the town feeling more open to the possibilities of the world. 

Carly Messina