Frances Bean Cobain

Frances Bean, the magnificent concoction of Kurt's sperm and Courtney's egg. She is a walking, talking, vintage, priceless, artifact. I'm genuinely shocked, every day, that the FBI did not lock her away and out of the general population. 

These photographs are from what this gal has been up to lately, a casual feature in the Marc Jacobs Spring 2017 ad campaign. It's casual, because she can and will get whatever she demands from the world! We will give it to her! And the price, of anything! 

Obviously, that's not the most impressive thing about her. She's the love child of Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain, aka one of rocks greatest and most tragic love stories. She has the DNA of two mega rock icons and this could either be looked at as a burden or as a a true gift. Although we (as the general public) do not know much because she is extraordinary at maintaining her privacy and keeping us in suspense about every detail of her life, one absolute is that she definitely has the striking features of both of her parents - her moms infamous pouty lips, her dads piercing, expressive blue eyes and the a mixture of both Kurt's dark, mysterious side and Courtney's quirky, sassy attitude. She truly is a legend in herself and I find it humbling that she manages to keep herself out of the spotlight. 


Carly Messina