Angelina Jolie


Angelina Jolie is synonymous with seduction and controversy... but that's what makes her so intriguing. And no, I'm not only obsessed with her because she is a Gemini like me, well kind of. But she illustrates the perfect mixture of corruption and vulnerability. She's sinister, yet she's so delicate. She's done some pretty wicked things that have gotten her attention from the public, such as making out with her brother on the red carpet. She's also done some quite unconventional and odd "acts of love" for her past lovers. For Johnny Lee Miller, she wrote his name on the back of her white t-shirt with her own blood. Then for Billy Bob Thornton, she wrote "To the end of time", again with her own blood, above their bed as a gift for him. 

And she also directed a movie called By The Sea starring her and Brad Pitt as a married couple going through difficult times (how ironic). I definitely recommend it. 

Seductive. Controversial. Corrupted. Vulnerable. Enigmatic. Sinister. Delicate. Are just a few words to describe Angelina Jolie. Oh and um, perfect. Oh, but also, just a tad weird. (Remember when she kissed her brother *on the lips* at a red carpet event. Or when she apparently wore a vile of Billy Bob Thornton's blood around her neck. Or when she, also apparently, wrote "To the end of time" with her own blood above their bed? (Clearly that did not last until the end of time))

But like wow. 

If any human being has a wow factor, is it Angelina. She embodies duality and the ability to have be great at one thing, then be equally as great at doing its complete opposite. Is she human? Is she real? Things I must know! Until then, I will aspire to be her, the second greatest Gemini, behind me. 

Carly Messina