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just sippin' on that black cup o' joe!

(Yes there's really coffee in there. No this picture is totally not posed. Like at all.)


And this is what happens when I attempt to take a "cute-smiling" photo...a duck face.


Hey you. yeah, you!

I assume you have found yourself on this page because my mind intrigues you and you want to know more about the mastermind (me) behind the satirical nonfiction reads that you hate because you can not get enough of. I will start with my name... it's Carly. And I am the sole creator and editor of The Gemini Experience.

Welcome to my place – the fucked-up bewildering play land, which I refer to as – my mind. If you have yet to figure out, I am a Gemini. Being that I have no choice in reassigning myself to be a more gentle and predictable sign - like, say, a Virgo - I decided instead to revel in being the absolute worst zodiac sign. It is here where you will find my greatest Gemini qualities expressing themselves, obviously and as always, in their best light. According to several non-credible bogus astrology sites, Geminis are known ultimately for their superficial nature, flighty tendencies, overtly talkative temperament, being unapologetically too-faced, and as discomfiting I am saying this, one source even says we are "known for having a finger in every pie". Disturbing. And if that does not sell you on how we earned our ranking as "last" then allow me to exercise my deeply embedded vanity by adding that we are clearly Gods (refer to Kanye West, Lana Del Rey, Marilyn Monroe, Prince, and even Angelina Jolie). Yes, we may exhibit 34 personalities within the span of 7 seconds, but – I can vouch for every Gemini when I say this – we would much rather display severely concerning symptoms of multiple personality disorder than be, dare I say, a bore. I truly enjoy my excessively changeable personality, my inability to EVER sit still*, and my mercurial habit of always being right. If you are another Gemini, then let's connect and be facetious flighty assholes together. And if you are not, that is okay, and I send my sincerest condolences to you, because life must be hard not living as a deity. 

*I am also a hypochondriac and I self-diagnosed myself as having ADHD.

If you are still intrigued (you better be) then find out more about, non other than, *me*!! below:

I am a lover of coffee in any state and condition, staying up way past my bed time (9 pm - I am wild), yoga (Haha, just kidding), long runs, short runs, actually I don't like running at all, scratch that, dark chocolate anything, lipgloss (Esp if it's overpriced), astrology and my detective skills that aid me in finding out everyones zodiac sign, France, French people, pretending I'm French, and pretty much anything that has to do with France, rosè and other alcohols, Madonna, Lana Del Rey, Drake, cult films (Check out my actual cult I started for Donnie Darko), kind people (On days when I am not my usual masochistic self), mysterious people (Because every one loves a good puzzle), inquisitive minds, unique personalities, fast repliers or when people ignore me because there's nothing I love more than emotionally unavailable people, to-do lists (Because I have ADHD and nothing will get accomplished if I don't make them), pale color palettes, fashion statements, my chihuahua, Ralphie, and of course, my zodiac sign – Geminis. 

I am reallyyyyy not a fan of neon colors, loud eaters or loud people in general (HUGE emphasis on this one), camouflage, running out of gas then having to waste my time filling up my gas at a local gas station, the misfortune of living in a state where the people at the gas station do not fill up your tank for you, cows' milk (If you drink that stuff, you are GROSS), decaf coffee (Ok, what's the point, seriously?), cold weather and also being cold, pickles, mean people (Get ah-way from me), grumpy people (Definitely get ah-way from me) and my memory span, because it doesn't exist.

My specialities lie in being facetious, moisturizing my skin with an overly priced moisturizer a Sephora girl coerced me into purchasing, wasting my money on my impulse-buys-of-the-day, over consuming chocolate, actually over consuming any thing that has obscene amounts of sugar, starting books but never finishing them (Again, thank YOU adhd), getting involved in fictional, one-sided relationships with unattainable gay men, drinking water (A zero calorie treat), using my dads credit card to online shop, and last but not least – this is the most important part– ... being a poster child for the Gemini population across the globe!

But in all seriousness.

I believe in personal growth (of the mind... not of the the waist), traveling at any given chance, having fun one hundred percent of the time and leaving the most comfortable place on Earth – my comfort zone. Meeting new people and traveling to new cities, new states and new counties opens the door to learning about cultures, getting to see the beauties of our world, but it also a catalyst that sparks creativity in me like no other. Passion surges through me and suddenly I’ve contemplated 1,000 ways on how I am going to take over the world. Yes, this is based off of a true occurrence. Even though this only happened once in my life. And no, I was not experiencing a manic episode. I mean this from the bottom of my genuine heart, I find inspiration e v e r y w h e r e and I wanted to create a space that would allow me to freely express what is going on in the crazy world in my head at any given moment. So, The Gemini Experience was born. If you're still with me, buckle up and be prepared to be entertained, laugh a little, idk maybe cry if you're a crier, learn something new because I know everything, and maybe even get the contagious feeling that you can take over the world. But if you undergo this feeling regularly, you should probably see a doctor. Happy reading friends!

P.s. If you'd like to talk, don't hesitate reaching out to me. I love to talk ;)

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xo, Carly Messina